Changing the lives of young people

Only 5.1% of people with a learning disability will secure paid employment in their lifetime

Market Field Farm will provide employment and training opportunities for young people with disabilities, setting them on the path towards productive, happy lives, and lessening reliance on expensive care and benefits. 

Market Field Farm is an innovation that will bring the whole community together, providing an oasis of calm, green space with gardens, flowers, a café and a dedicated play space for children. Our own homegrown produce will be on sale, and we'll provide opportunities for local artists, growers and makers to sell their wares too. There are plans for a library and an orchard set within a wildlife garden. Other ideas are an Upcycling Furniture Shed, and an adaptable community space for local groups clubs and clubs. 

This innovation has the potential to enrich the present whilst building futures full of promise and productivity. Our farm will be a warm, inclusive centre of life and fun in the heart of Essex.

  • Lynsey Haslen
    When Luke first started work, I would usually help him sort out his work clothes and clean his boots, over the past few months he now does this himself without prompting, which is a really big step. He understands the importance of working and has been more independent and using his initiative in the garden – knowing when plants need to be pruned and prompting the watering and feeding. Luke takes pride in earning his money and is learning to save. He loves feeling part of the team and has really grown up. We’ve seen such a positive change in Luke since starting work.
    Lynsey Haslen
  • Jacqui Mortlock
    Ryan has been working on our new team for four weeks. Ryan loves his new job - he loves being outside working in a team and Ben is so kind and funny. I have seen a change in Ryan’s personality. He looks forward to his days working with Ben and the team. He has all his clothes and pack up ready the night before. Ryan’s confidence and self esteem has been boosted.
    Jacqui Mortlock
  • We planted 20,000 trees on Chelmshoe Farm in November and December 2021. The Market Field Grows Team BGI have done a remarkable job, and the fantastic thing is they will see the legacy of their work grow – literally. In years from now I hope they will all take a walk, see the increased wildlife on the farm and the hedges looking big and bushy and think, “I did that!”Every time I walk the farm, I will look at all the hedges and remember them and thank them! Please send them (and yourself) a big, fat thank you from us and from all the birds and bees!
    Andrew Sunnucks
    Chelmshoe Farm

What we do at Market Field Farm

Our work and projects

Market Field Grows is our conservation and land maintenance enterprise. Working on large scale conservation projects to create bright futures for young people and wildlife.

Market Field Farm is our commercial flower farm, café, library, bakery and visitor centre. Subject to planning, doors open to our flower farm, café and community centre in spring 2024.

All our activities are carried out with conservation in mind, creating bright futures for people and for wildlife.

How we help at Market Field Farm

Our impact and development

The plans for align with Essex County Council’s
Climate Focus programme and fully embraces an all
round approach to conversation:
  • Using native species hedging we will plant wildlife corridors around the whole permitter of the site, which will link into the woodland to the north east corner, adjacent to the proposed housing.

  • All planting across the site will be beneficial to insects and pollinators. Working with Beth Chat to Education Trust we will cultivate and plant a wildlife friendly scheme across Market Field Grows and within the proposed housing buffer zones and gardens.

  • We will not use pesticides or harmful chemicals within any of our enterprises.

  • Water harvesting and storage is an integral part of the infrastructure.
  • Grey water from the kitchens and bathrooms will be used for irrigation.

  • We will create and use our own compost from green waste on the site.

  • The buildings will be heated using air source heat pumps and electricity will be supplied via solar technologies.

  • Car charging points will be located within the car park.

  • Bee posts and banks will be integrated throughout the site.

  • Ecology surveys are carried out before any work is undertaken, this will be a continued process throughout our projects and once we open our doors. We will involve our trainees, graduates and local children in the monitoring and survey process.

Support our work

Let’s come together to create
bright, productive futures.

Donations will go directly towards helping us establish a site to
transform the lives of many young people.