66,000 trees planted so far...

As we set out on this journey, we knew it would be a long and often difficult path. We knew there were young people who needed support now; like thousands before them would not be able to find and retain work.

Whilst working on our larger ambition we found the time and energy to set up another enterprise under the charity, which has proved a roaring success: Market Field Grows Conservation and Maintenance.

We now collaborate with The Tree Council, Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council and The Big Green Internet to provide teams dedicated to planting trees on a massive scale across north east Essex.

In the early months of 2021 we realised that landowners, conservation organisations and councils had the funding to plant trees to create wildlife corridors and woodlands, however, they struggled to find a dedicated workforce.

The Market Field Farm Trustees secured funding for our first vehicle and the salary for a team leader for six months… and our first team started in October 2021. After a very successful first season we now work as a contractor directly with Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council. Our teams also work directly with developers and other businesses in the area to plant hedgerows and community gardens.

Working with The Tree Council we have secured funding to ensure trees planted for Colchester Borough Council will receive aftercare and maintenance throughout the summer of 2023.

In line with the recent Green Alliance Think Tank Publication - Closing the UK’s Green Skills Gap - we provide a dedicated workforce, partnering with organisations and undertaking projects geared towards achieving the net zero target.

“The government has promised economic changes to improve living standards, with a focus on addressing the imbalance between regions. In broad terms, ‘levelling up’, as a priority, is supposed to be the vehicle to do this by boosting regional economies and improving individual life chances, through a new offering on skills. The transition to net zero creates new economic opportunities that can be harnessed to level up the country. To do so will require new skills in the UK’s workforce. Specific gaps in skills, and where there are opportunities and challenges to retrain and equip people with skills to fulfil future job requirements. We recommend the development of an integrated green skills programme that delivers for individuals, institutions and industry, marrying the government’s environmental ambitions with its economic and social aims.”

Our team planted 46,424 trees across Essex over five months.

We have the most experienced and skilful planting team in the area and our reputation and quality of work has enabled us to secure further contracts this winter with Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council and private land owners.

We are now self funding, having gained contracts with Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council. We have sufficient work to support two teams and have already created a total of 12 jobs.

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