Working together to create brighter futures

We couldn’t do our job, without the help of others. Working with established organisations we have secured expertise, funding and opportunities.

We know that to deliver a successful enterprise, we need to work with other organisations, organisations who are experts in their field, who can guide and help us and with whom we can build long term relationships.

We continually seek out new partners who can help us develop and deliver our aspirations.

Beth Chatto: Delivering our RHS Level 1 qualification & helping set up the nursery.

Lanswood: Our development partner.

ECF: Provided us with start up funding.

Zeelandia: Providing
bakery training and help with our bakery business model.

ECC: Working with the Sustainability, Forestry, SEN and Employment teams.

TBGI: Our major tree planting partner - together with have planted 46,000 trees.

EWT: Helping us with
ecology studies and client to remove circa 0.5m plastic tree guards.

Paddy & Scott: Our cafe partner.

SCF: Provided us with start up funding in2021/2022.

CBC: Planting 4000 trees for CBC in 2022 / 2023.

Griffin Chapman: Our
business advisors.

Sanctuary: Corporate
sponsors and maintenance contract client.

Latimer and Clarion: Garden Community - setting up a further site and providing conseration services.

Sparta: Corporate
sponsors and promoters of
neurodiversity in the
workplace 2023.

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Let’s come together to create
bright, productive futures.

Donations will go directly towards helping us establish a site to
transform the lives of many young people.